Metcalfe & Associates
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Paramus, NJ 07652
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Welcome to Metcalfe & Associates


Metcalfe & Associates specializes in the design, installation, funding and administration of Financial Plans, Estate Plans, Retirement Plans and Employee Benefit Plans. We assist our Client in exploring various ways to fund the Plans. We also work to project benefits and help evaluate financing options.

Metcalfe & Associates is committed to providing service for the life of the Plan by representing a wide variety of Financial Services Companies. We strive to allow clients:

To have the necessary diversification by selecting different products from different companies.

To have buying power for numerous underwriting situations.

To have products available from companies specializing in market niches suited to our individual clients' needs.

We have created a market presence and positive relationships with Sagemark Consulting. One of the pemiere fee based financial advisory firms in the nation. Through Sagemark Consulting we have access to a legal and accounting staff specializing in advanced Estate and Financial Plans designed to meet the clients specific objective in a cost effective and tax effective manner.


In all our professional relationships, we pledge ourselves to the following rule of ethical conduct: We shall, in the light of all conditions surrounding those we serve, which we shall make every conscientious effort to ascertain and understand, render that service which in the same circumstances we would apply to ourselves.

Adapted from the American College Pledge